Sheroes Speaks to Girls in Bamyan, Afghanistan

On Christmas eve, three young Sheroes (Anika Ayyar, B.S. Duke University ’18, Raya Islam, B.S.E. Duke University ’17, and Soumya Kannan, B.S. ’16 Caltech) spoke to young women attending the YWLC conference in Bamyan, Afghanistan about their journeys studying computer science and engineering, and their advice for seeking mentorship, achieving goals, and making the most of opportunities to create and learn.

“It’s incredible to think that the Sheroes platform was able to reach motivated, driven women in a remote province in Afghanistan, and that we were able to share our experiences and learn about their lives over our video call. It was such a gratifying way to spend winter break, and it was wonderful to see how the girls in Bamyan, despite limited resources and societal odds stacked against them, were pursuing their dreams to be coders and engineers,” Ayyar says. A huge thank you to Gharsanay Ibnul, who facilitated the conversation and translated for all of us! 

Anika Ayyar